February 17, 2018


Advertising on UGO

Online advertising on UGO.co.ug can expose your business to thousands of QUALIFIED customers in a relevant and powerful way. The high-traffic, high-visibility placements are available throughout the UGO.co.ug site including the homepage, various subdomains including NewsDirectoryRadio  classified pages, among other UGO pages.

Online Advertising.

To learn more about advertising with UGO , please contact us! 

Email:  advertise@ugo.co.ug / sales@ugo.co.ug
Tel: 0414 666665


Diana Kamukama
Commercial Manager

+256 (0) 757 500 803
+256 (0) 755 UGO UGO / 0755 846 846

Concepts Developments & Consultation 
Boaz Shani
CEO and Founder
Email:               Boaz@ugo.co.ug
Facebook:       /Boazshani
Twitter:            @Boazshani

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