September 29, 2017

UGO, which is an acronym for Uganda Goes Online runs a popular web portal,, whose primary goal is to promote Ugandan content online – as well as websites of Ugandan service providers.

It is the first of this kind web portal in Uganda, and carries out continuous sensitization among individuals, companies and economy stakeholders, both in government and the private sector to utilize the opportunities provided by the internet.

UGO spends a lot of resources on supporting, educating, assisting communities, individuals and corporate institutions on getting all their content on line and how best they can benefit from search engines.

UGO is moving on the ground and urging more corporates to get their content shared with the world as well as updating consistently and also educating everyone on social networking and how to use it best. So Uganda will be known globally and locally. It is the only website in Uganda that one find New Vision Monitor and Red pepper on one page together, flights arrival Departure and Arrivals live in formation feed and all the radio stations that stream could be found all on one on line radio, to mention but a few.

UGO has been moving and urging TV and radio station in Uganda to start stream as well upload their content to YouTube channels among others as well as assisting them with implementing.

UGO’s Web Portal Organizes local content under the following categories:

UGO News hosts news stories, both written by staff reporters, and those written by all available news publishers in Uganda. The goal is to highlight differences in reporting by the various media houses, as well as showcasing to the rest of the world what is happening in Uganda.

UGO Directory:
UGO believes Uganda’s competitiveness regionally will be judged by how much information can be found about the country online. We have created a highly interactive directory that lets users rate, and give feedback on pages of other service providers listed within the directory.

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