October 02, 2017


UGO also offer the services below:

In addition to promote all Local websites and their content in Uganda for free, UGO have a wide range of other services were currently offering, including but not limited to:

Social Media Marketing, Training, Consultancy and Management.

Social Networking running in our veins.
We create, develop and execute original campaigns for Ugandas biggest brands but not only.
We have experience in a wide range of social media and online campaigns to support any company, Organisation and Government  including product launches, content distribution, competitions and sales initiatives.

We offer a range of training services all about the Online media and Social Networks platforms.
We run regular training days that are suitable for companies or individuals that want to learn the basics of social media as well as the internet and online marketing technics and how it can work for your business.

Our clients range from small businesses to government , leading brands, hotels and individuals .
Whatever sector your business works in, we can help you obtain the skills and strategy you need for social media and online marketing.

The most comprehensive social media training –

This gives any business an insight into how all the main social media platforms can perform together to deliver internet/online marketing success.
Tailored to your business, it is the perfect starting point.

Our Social Media Training is tailored to your needs and typically includes:

  • Assessment of your current social media activity, knowledge and skills
  • A skills and infrastructure gap analysis
  • Channels set up and best practice use
  • How to find you target audience and target influential social circles of customers
  • Practical sessions on the day to day how-to with tools and social media channels
  • How to measure, monitor and interpret your online activity


Learn how to harness the power of Twitter to build brand awareness, drive sales and promote your company. Communicate with customers and other businesses through the fastest growing social media platform in the world.


We teach you how to engage with new and existing customers, attract the Facebook membership to your brand and products as well get your news and company services promoted clearly, consistently and attractively.

Service categories include online copywriting, project management and ongoing optimisation.

We also provide training for and about the use of , , , , The full range of (Search, , Places, Chrome, Drive, Calander, Apps, among others)

Social Media Management

To manage social media it takes time. Many businesses that tried running their own Facebook and Twitter profiles without a team dedicated for the job knows that gaining new customers is more difficult than it looks.
Business can make as many posts as they want, but without a decent sized fan base it’s the equivalent of screaming a message into thin air.
If your company or organization does not have the team to manage social media- we will do it for you.

Online Monitoring

We can monitor social media for conversations around your brand and your competitors.
Our online monitoring service provides insight into the mentions around your brand and who you should be talking to.

Graphic design

Our design team are responsible for maintaining your brand identity online. Whether this is building Facebook tabs, branded social media profiles or covers, we have it all.

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